Crackdown On Bald Tyres In The North Of England

Every so often, you’ll see in the news that the police focus on a specific area of crime to check on compliance with the rules and show that they won’t tolerate offenders. At the moment, you might see an increased number of traffic officers in lay-bys at the side of main roads (primarily A roads) […]

Essential Used Car Buyer Checks

Buying a used car is very different to buying one fresh from the manufacturer. You need to know that what you are buying will last, and that’s not something that’s as easy to do as it is to say. Here’s a few things you can do, both as a check when buying as well as […]

Iterative Algorithmic Development

Algorithms are everywhere. They’re analysing data wherever we go. When you go through the supermarket checkout, computers are matching up your purchases with your credit or debit card and appending those to previous shops to help the stores understand you better. In the future, self driving cars will be collecting vast quantities of data in […]