Reviewing Avoiding Written Off Or Stolen Vehicles

When you purchase a new or used car, you should ask every question that comes to your mind. You have a right to know everything about the car or truck you are thinking of buying. When considering a high-end purchase like a vehicle, your questions may uncover flaws or hidden problems you may want to know about. This is especially important when buying a used car. The vehicle information you uncover may mean the difference between you making a purchase, or deciding to look for something else.

While you can often look at the condition of a prospective purchase and see how well it has been maintained, the value of a vehicle will not be apparent in other ways. Not all used car salespeople are as honest as you might expect, and on this page we’re going to review a few ways to keep yourself safe. Perhaps that is why there is such a horrible connotation to the phrase ‘used car salesman’. In reality, most dealers are reputable, and will give you any vehicle information you request, but there are some you need to avoid. If you are buying from a person through an ad, you have to be extra careful about inspecting your potential purchase.

One great way to get vehicle information is to request a report on MOT history and check stolen vehicle databases. These reports will tell you the entire history of that particular car or truck. Some dealers will offer this to you for free. When you have this information, you will know what kind of problems that vehicle may have had, and if it has been in any sort of accident. Many cars can be fixed after an accident, but sometimes there are fatal flaws in the chassis that no one can fix. This could mean trouble for you.

The VIN (vehicle information number) on the vehicle you are considering is the key to this type of information. This number is used to record the history of the car. Not only will it help you get the reports you need, it will give you a list of the past owners, and tell you a little more about where the car has been, and what it has been through.

On the flipside, the VIN can also be used to tell you if the car has been stolen. Stolen cars will sometimes not have a VIN at all, because the thieves have removed it. If you come upon a car or truck that does not have a marked number, pass on it and find something else. If you look at the number and it looks like it may have been altered in any way, you should also pass. Chances are, someone is trying to hide something, and you don’t want to be involved. There is just some vehicle information you don’t want to know.