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Great Business Expo

The Great Business Expo drew over 150 community members who were able to meet and talk to the 16 participating vendors.  Due to the success of the event, The Morgan Area Chamber looks to make this an annual event.

Thank you to all the participating businesses and community for your support!


Local Business Spotlights

Valhalla Armory

– Gun
– 4 boxes ammo
– Extra magazine
– Ear protection
– Eye protection

Sounds like the checklist for a hunting trip, but while others were heading to the hills on an October Saturday morning, I along with four other students, were heading to the Morgan rifle range to be instructed by two of Morgan County’s finest.  Luckily for me it wasn’t for traffic school (this time).

Gary Dudley owner of Valhalla Armory along with fellow deputy Scott Peay offer a self-defense handgun shooting course.   The class is designed to be very low stress.  Unlike the self-defense classes you may have seen on TV, there is no yelling.  It is very much a go- at-your-own-pace class.  The instructors purposefully use everyday words in the common vernacular rather than using military and police jargon.

Each class is limited to 10 participants, but private sessions are available upon request,  When asked who reserves private classes they responded, “We’ve had fathers who reserve a private class for their families as well as doctors who reserve a private class because they would rather their patients not know that they  carry a concealed weapon, and even husbands and wives.“

Many years ago while attending a gun show I took the Concealed Carry class.  As I recall, most of the class was on the legalities associated with carrying a concealed weapon, the remaining time was spent on safety, and not much other useful information was given.  I guess the class accomplished what the legislature set out to do…inform people of the laws, while allowing the class to be as boring as possible.

The course was anything but boring; it was full of great information.  Starting with a primer on firearm safety it quickly moved to more advanced techniques, by the end of the class we were ducking behind obstacles and firing at targets while running between stations.  As we took a break to reload, Scott Peay taught some self-defense techniques using less-than-lethal force.   Gary and Scott had us busy the entire time.  Before I knew it the six hours were spent as were my boxes of ammunition.

In addition to being learning from deputies who have over 30 years of military and police training, you get to hear the cop’s point-of-view of the importance of an armed citizenry.  I asked Gary if concealed weapons help reduce crime in general, “Does a criminal really think twice before committing a crime because the person could be carrying a gun?”  Gary’s response was very insightful, “Criminals are very good at sensing vulnerability.  They live a violent life and are very attuned to weakness so they can prey up on it.  If a person carrying a gun feels more confident, the confidence will show and the chances are reduced the person will become a target.”

Valhalla Armory recently opened on Commercial Street in the building next to the Browning Outlet.  Gary Dudley explained to me that the mission statement of Valhalla Armory is Toprovide everything you need to know or have in order to survive a dangerous situation.  This is why in addition to selling guns, ammo, and everything self-protection, they also sell food storage.

You can also check-out their website at

Traders Apparel Grand Opening

Traders Apparel grand openingShane Rappleye and Morgan City Mayor Jim Egbert