Morgan Area Chamber of Commerce

Life in Morgan


Small Town Feel

Morgan was recently ranked the 194th “best green city.” with the standards set so high, it is clear as to why life in Morgan is unbeatable. Our city gives off the small-town feel with a great attitude dripping with our Morgan sense of community. Up here in the green city of Morgan life couldn’t get any better.


The Population in 2012 of Morgan County is 9,469, which puts us up +39.9% since 2000. We are going to keep growing in number, but the small-town feel will never go away up here, it’s in the hearts of our citizens, no matter how high our population gets over the years!! The lifestyle of Morgan is very inviting with a hint of passion. Morganites take pride in their county and in their community and with the help of these diligent citizens, Morgan will forever be a safe place to live.

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