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Join the Morgan Chamber today and see how being involved can help your business grow and your involvement in your community flourish.  The Morgan Chamber helps give business a voice in Morgan and establishs a friendly face for all visitors and residents.

Morgan Area Chamber

P.O. Box 142

Office is located in the DATC North Front center and is open Wendesday 9am-12, and Thursday 2pm-4

Phone 801-593-2290

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Membership Benefits

1)    Exposure  

The Chamber will help give your business exposure through the gomorgan  website with it’s complete business directory and all community events.  The gomorgan website will also be linked with many other business websites in the Morgan Area, which will help people in and out of the Morgan Area to connect with all Morgan business.  For extra exposure your business can get a mini website hosted free for chamber members.

The Chamber Facebook page allows the chamber and it’s members to use social networking to help get news, sales, and special information out for business in the Morgan Area.  The Chamber would also like to spotlight a Morgan Area business on gomorgan and it’s Facebook page.

The Chamber will also like to share member business information at all community events to help give exposure to Morgan business to those out of town visitors.


2)    Influence Local and State Government

The Morgan Area Chamber has worked closely with both Morgan County and Morgan City governments to create an Economic Development Plan that will help improve the business atmosphere in the Morgan Area.  The Morgan Chamber is continuing to work with Morgan County and Morgan City to make sure this plan is implemented and is successful.    The Morgan Chamber has become a member of NUCC(Northern Utah Chamber Coalition) and has members on the board of directors for the WFEDD(Wasatch Front Economic Development District).  By becoming a member you can help mantain a stong voice for business in local government.   Also if you have concerns or ideas on how to help your business or other businesses in the Morgan Area the chamber is the best way to grow these ideas.


3)    Networking

Through the Morgan Chamber you can meet and share ideas with other business professionals about your business concerns and ideas that have helped you in the past to become successful.  Networking can help you stay on top of all the new developments in our community.


4)    Resources

The Chamber can help inform you and your business of all the resources and tools that are available to help you solve problems that maybe facing your business.  These tools can help you with components from marketing to labor.


5)    Discounts for Members
The Morgan County Newspaper is offering to Chamber members. $40 for an article and ad 1400 homes. $75 for a article and ad in the front page of extra 1500 homes.